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Since its entry into the Chinese market in 2003, South Korea's jeiotech | geot (including its laboratory instrument and equipment Brand Lab Companion) has always operated in China as a personal office. In 2021, Chenhui instrument completed the integration of jeiotech (Lab Companion) in laboratory instruments and equipment, environmental test boxes, safety storage cabinets and laboratory plastic products, Become the only company legally operating jeiotech products in Greater China, so as to improve the service experience of channels and users, and be responsible for the market, sales, after-sales, installation, commissioning, maintenance and correction of its products in China. We hope to deepen the relationship with agents at all levels and assist agents at all levels in relevant work.
Founded in 1988, jeio Tech Co., Ltd. (Korea jieaote Co., Ltd.) is committed to the R & D, production and sales of laboratory instruments and equipment, environmental test boxes, safety storage cabinets, plastic products and industrial equipment. It has a history of 32 years. Lab Companion is an independent trademark and brand for the production and sales of laboratory instruments and equipment. By obtaining the safety certificate of laboratory equipment and applying for a patent in the field of overheating technology, it is now at the forefront of the industry in the production safety equipment. In addition, Lab Companion produces laboratory safety furniture (fume hood, test bench, safety reagent storage cabinet, etc.), which can provide a safer scientific research environment.
We sincerely thank all customers for their support, which makes us grow into a leader in the production of scientific research equipment in Korea, and provide stable and reliable laboratory equipment for the world.
In the laboratory field, we use "Lab Companion" as our vision and make it a "partner of the laboratory" to provide laboratory instruments and equipment for scientific researchers.
In addition to the standard products produced by jeiotech (including Lab Companion), we can specially design and produce all kinds of laboratory equipment and environmental test boxes according to various special test requirements of customers. Jeiotech has accumulated quite a lot of professional knowledge related to design, especially for the temperature and humidity test chamber. We have established an independent customized product department to provide customized equipment for customers' actual needs, and has provided customized solutions for many international customers, such as three-star SDI, LG Chemical, Hyundai Motor, etc. From customer consultation to design, production, installation and after-sales service, we hope you can benefit from jeiotech's professional services.
In the field of environmental reliability testing, we use the company name "jeiotech" as a trademark and are active in the international market.
Nowadays, the Internet of things technology has greatly improved the timeliness, and the laboratory is no exception. Lab Companion enables customers to connect smart phones with our devices through LC green box to realize remote control and monitoring.
While providing products, Shanghai Sunway Instrument Co., Ltd. will also provide knowledge and technical service solutions in relevant fields. In the future development, sunway instrument will implement the business philosophy of integrating service, wisdom and products, and continue to provide users with high-quality products and services.


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