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Founded in 1988, JEIO TECH, which started from the dream of localizing experimental equipment, has now reached its 30th anniversary. Thanks to the support of our customers, we have grown into a leading manufacturer of experimental equipment in Korea that supplies stable experimental equipment all over the world.

In the lab area, we use “Lab Companion” as we pursue our vision of becoming a 'Companion in Laboratory'.

In the environmental reliability testing area, we are using our company’s name “JeioTech” as it is and are active in the global market using the brand.

R & D department
Appearance design, controller, display, hardware & Software, Performance and safety;
CNC lathe, milling machine, grinding machine, drilling machine, press, 5-axis lathe, CNC machining center;
Paint production line
Oiling&anti-corrosion treatment, powder spraying, drying;
Quality inspection
Ensure all products are of uniform quality and conform to international standards.
Product Range
laboratory Equipment
Drying oven | incubator | constant temperature shaker | vacuum dryer Low temperature circulating bath | heating water bath | chiller | sterilization pot Agitator | oscillator | metal bath | vacuum pump | refrigerator Electrophoresis instrument | ultrasonic cleaning machine
Environmental Test Chamber
Constant temperature and humidity chamber | high and low temperature alternating (damp heat) test chamber | high and low temperature testing machine | drug stability test chamber | cold and heat shock test chamber | rapid temperature change test chamber | various customized test chambers
Safe Storage&Cabinet
Fireproof safety cabinet | acid resistant and corrosion resistant storage cabinet | gas purifying reagent cabinet | ductless ventilation cabinet | ultra clean workbench | filter refrigerator | PCR workstation | mobile arm universal exhaust hood | UV sterilization cabinet
Lab Essentials
Disposable beaker | plastic beaker | beaker with handle | bottle washing | fine mouth large bottle | measuring cylinder | test tube storage box | centrifugal pipe rack | conical pipe rack | microporous plate rack | frozen storage box | flask rack | waste liquid collection system | ice basin | ice rack | oil pipe connector | filter | adapter | gripper | direction change clamp
Product Video
Bath Circulator
Incubated Shaker
Fire safety Storage Cabinet
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